His Vs Hers Vegetarian Challenge: Meg’s Spinach and Cream Cheese Cannelloni

As it's July now and we've had a few BBQs in June, Aaron has had a marvellous idea of trying a vegetarian month in the middle of BBQ season. Now as much as I am a lover of meat, I did however agree to give it ago. We've started the month off with a challenge… Continue reading His Vs Hers Vegetarian Challenge: Meg’s Spinach and Cream Cheese Cannelloni


Bargain Banquets: Slow Cooker Peppercorn Steak

If I'm honest, I don't really eat much steak so I was heavily reliant on Meg to come up with a recipe for the diced steak that we had. Whilst she came up with a brilliant idea, as she was at work, it was up to me to create it and if I'm honest, I… Continue reading Bargain Banquets: Slow Cooker Peppercorn Steak

Bargain Banquets: Cottage Pie

This is one of those classics that is in an instant favourite, partly down to it's simplicity and also down to it's pure deliciousness. We kept this recipe to it's simplest form to show you just how easily it can be done but you can spruce this up any way you see fit. Ingredients: Five… Continue reading Bargain Banquets: Cottage Pie

Bargain Banquets: Honey and Rhubarb Chicken

The most important part of this honey and rhubarb chicken recipe is to try and get past the fact that you are cooking rhubarb and chicken. Whilst this shouldn't work and almost doesn't, at the same time it kind of does although I'm not sure Meg would either agree or even attempt to try it!… Continue reading Bargain Banquets: Honey and Rhubarb Chicken

Brilliant Bargain Banquets

Before we get mobbed, yes the title is ever so slightly misleading as we haven't transported ourselves back five hundred years to the days of banquets but after you've typed brilliant and bargain, meals just doesn't cut it! Tonight we follow on from our previous shopping post with another shopping post before we share with… Continue reading Brilliant Bargain Banquets

The £5 Dinner Challenge

Whilst this was intended to be a £5 dinner challenge, this actually turned into a feed two people for a weekend challenge! As Meg well knows, I am normally useless at these challenges as the past couple of times Meg has set me a buy dinner on this amount of money challenge, I have instead… Continue reading The £5 Dinner Challenge

Burger Lasagne

Picture the scene, Meg and I are sat in the lounge together lovingly looking into our phones, deep within the realms of social media. Out of nowhere comes a laugh, it's mine. I've just seen a post from someone wanting to use up some burgers and wanting to make a burger bake. 'A burger bake'… Continue reading Burger Lasagne

BBQ Recipes: Sides

Well that's another birthday been and gone for another year and whilst we had a few kitchen bits planned, Meg and I met my sister for brunch instaed and we then decided to grab some chips at the speedway, meaning that the Aargan kitchen was firmly shut yesterday! That means that we will get back… Continue reading BBQ Recipes: Sides

BBQ Sides: Curried Rice

Whilst all the sides and salads that we threw together were extremely tasty, we wanted to keep them all very classic and minimalistic which appears to be our two words of the month!! With this dish however, we decided to explore a little with different flavours and created this very simple and fantastically delicious BBQ… Continue reading BBQ Sides: Curried Rice

BBQ Sides: Tuna Pasta Salad

Just as we did with our coleslaw and potato salad we have stuck to the classic and very simple recipe here. Even the most novice of cooks could put this together, it's one that, even though Meg did it, even I could rustle this one up! Let's get to it! Ingredients 500g of pasta 2 tins… Continue reading BBQ Sides: Tuna Pasta Salad