BBQ Recipes: Coleslaw

You would think that coleslaw is a pretty uncontroversial salad but of course in the Aargan household, pretty much anything can become controversial! I had an idea of how to do the coleslaw and whilst Meg disagreed I went with it (the matter wasn't helped when my brother sided with Meg later on!) I'll show… Continue reading BBQ Recipes: Coleslaw

BBQ Salads: Tomato, Mozzarella and Spinach Salad

With a BBQ you've got to have a salad but most of the time its's your big standard, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato and pepper. So we'd thought we would go a little bit more on the posh side. We only used three ingredients but by making it look pretty you can get away with using… Continue reading BBQ Salads: Tomato, Mozzarella and Spinach Salad

Bacon and Mozzarella Potato Skins

Barbecue season is so close now that we can practically smell it but until then we would like to present to you bacon and mozzarella potato skins. I will add that by we I mean me and by me I mean the one who is going to have to go shopping before Meg finishes work… Continue reading Bacon and Mozzarella Potato Skins

One Dish Hunter’s Chicken and Roast Potatoes

This recipe it is tiny bit of cheat as we didn't make our own BBQ sauce, but sometimes, these cheats need to be taken. As we are very busy at the moment with work and still waiting to get the barbecue out, we are having a lot of throw together dinners, which are basically a… Continue reading One Dish Hunter’s Chicken and Roast Potatoes

Quick and Easy Fish Cakes and Spicy Wedges

Before all of our exciting feasts begin for the summer, we have a little meal idea for you. If we're being honest we had no idea what to have for lunch, so thought we would give fish cakes a go, and of course share it with you. We served this dish with some spicy wedges… Continue reading Quick and Easy Fish Cakes and Spicy Wedges

Slow Cooker Lunches: Meatball Subs

So there is a famous fast food sandwich chain which does some amazing meatball subs. But why leave the house when your can create this dish at home. For this slow cooker lunch you can put it on in the morning and do whatever you need to do and have a hot lunch waiting for… Continue reading Slow Cooker Lunches: Meatball Subs

Slow Cooker Lunches: BBQ Pulled Pork

This is one monster of a lunch and due to this lunch I will need therapy to eradicate the image of Meg with sauce all over her face, coleslaw dribbling down her chin, happily devouring her lunch. It is, however, an epic lunch by all definitions of the word. The pork is cooked overnight so… Continue reading Slow Cooker Lunches: BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Lunches: Stuffed Peppers

This is my absolute favourite quick lunch at the moment and so when Meg and I decided on doing a slow cooker lunch post this was a must. I've done this a few times at work in the oven but now I've done this in the slow cooker, I can't envisage doing it any other… Continue reading Slow Cooker Lunches: Stuffed Peppers

Slow Cooker Recipes: Lunches

It's been about a month since we bought the slow cooker and what a month it's been. I'm actually struggling to think of a time this month when the slow cooker hasn't been on for some reason or other. We've brought you breakfasts, desserts and dinners but we actually think we may have saved the best… Continue reading Slow Cooker Recipes: Lunches

Our Favourites Revamped: Edition One

Shall we start which the old monthly clichés? We can't believe another month has passed, where has the month gone, can you believe it's June already!! Without wanting to sound too cliché through, it's crazy to think we started this journey two months ago now but we've loved every minute of it, all the dinner… Continue reading Our Favourites Revamped: Edition One