About Us

Welcome to the world of us, Aargan. We’re just a couple from a small town but with a big passion of cooking and creating together. It is usually Aaron who comes up with the crazy ideas and Megan who transforms these beautifully into edible delights. Together we somehow manage to create delicious meals on a budget, using whatever is left over in the cupboards and adapting recipes to make them easier to do; although at no point will you find the recipe to the sausage curry that Aaron surprised me with after a long, hard day at work!!

One of our philosophies in life is that you can do anything with a tin of tomatoes and a stock cube. All you need on top of this is a couple of cloves of garlic and a sprinkle of spices and there is not anything you can’t throw together! Sit back and allow us to give you a peak into our kitchen where our thoughts, ideas and crazy concoctions come alive and there will of course be a couple of puns along the way also.