Vegan Recipes: Lunches

It’s quite an ironic twist that after all the convincing I had to do to persuade Meg to participate in a vegan month, she is the one who has created the first batch of recipes; our vegan lunches. I did of course contribute with some souper ideas which we will leek later on in this post. The three recipes that we chose were all extremely simple to do, can be thrown together in minutes and for vegan recipes, tasted amazing!!


The first recipe that was created was red pepper and sun dried tomato cous cous. Although Aaron was ready to wolf this down it did take me a while to come round to the fact that as this was vegan, I couldn’t have mozzarella in it. But without it, it was still delicious, and also my favourite things, simple and quick. So if you’re in a hurry, click the recipe and your rumbling tum will be satisfied in no time.


Next on the list, is a recreation of a Nando’s dish. But not the chicken of course. It’s a recreation of a couple of their starters. So vegan month is a yes and I’m kinda eating Nando’s. The thing I love about this dish, is that as well as a blitz together lunch (Meg was so excited to use the new blender!), it is a really social dish to have at a dinner party, so everyone can get stuck in. Why not get yourselves stuck in a click the recipe here.


Finally, we move on to a classic dish of leek and potato soup. Now I know some people may find soup boring, but you cannot deny the simplicity of it, or being able to make a ton of product from nothing. With this soup, it is really creamy from adding more potatoes, so you don’t really need any other cream, or cream cheese as I have used in the past. For this souper, douper recipe click here!

And there we have it! I did Vegan, with only a little help from Aaron. You’ll have to watch this space to see how well I get on with the other dishes for the rest of the month. So far I have found out though is that I do not like butternut squash! So if you haven’t already seen what Aaron conjured up using butternut squash, have a look (click here!) and let me know what you think, as the smell had to make me leave the kitchen. Until then happy lunching!


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