Brilliant Bargain Banquets

Before we get mobbed, yes the title is ever so slightly misleading as we haven’t transported ourselves back five hundred years to the days of banquets but after you’ve typed brilliant and bargain, meals just doesn’t cut it! Tonight we follow on from our previous shopping post with another shopping post before we share with you our first vegetarian post which will be followed by another vegetarian post. Don’t say we don’t offer you variety! Thankfully pay day has come and gone now but with money tight and the Little Miss Hubbard appreciation badges firmly set, we found ourselves needing to produce a lot with a little and we have manged that this week. After my successful challenge Saturday, I set myself another on Monday whilst Meg was at work and this time I had two missions: firstly, to find myself a food bargain and secondly to create some brilliant banquets that could be batched and frozen.

My brilliant bargains (all 30% off):

2x 500g mince

410g of chicken breast mini fillets

400g diced beef steak

I also bought:

2x tins of chopped tomatoes

1x gravy granules

2 pints milk

In total I spent: £9.40

The meals we created:

The mince:

With one of the packets of mince we recreated our meatball recipe. The only variant to this meal was I replaced the passata for a tin of tomatoes meaning that the sugar could be omitted. We made eight meatballs which were split, allowing for two portions.

With the other pack of mince I made a cottage pie that was not only simple to throw together but also supplied six portions that we were able to freeze. This recipe uses minimal ingredients which helps to keep the cost per portion down and is handy if you are attempting to make the remains of your cupboards and wallet stretch. Check it out here !

The chicken:

With the majority of the chicken we recreated our tomato and basil chicken. Instead of doing the chicken breasts in the oven covered in sauce, we instead fried the chicken and then cooked in a sauce made up of chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic granules and salt and pepper. This made two portions.

The remaining chicken was used to create a meal that was recommended to me by a colleague and was eaten before Meg could question why I had cooked chicken with rhubarb although it tasted so good I decided to blog it anyway! A simple dinner idea that uses only four ingredients but is perfect if you’re feeling adventurous. If you dare click the recipe here !

The steak:

I’m not the biggest steak fan so it was Meg who was the brains behind this recipe although it was down to me to try and execute it, which I think I did well. The steak was cooked in the slow cooker in a creamy peppercorn sauce, which sounds not only scary but extremely difficult but if I can pull it off then so can you! This made two portions. Check out the recipe here!

We hope to have inspired you to create some fantastic feasts or brilliant banquets for yourself using what little you have in your wallet and cupboards as we have done here. In total we made 13 portions of food, lucky for some, extremely lucky for us as we now have a good supply in the freezer to start the month with; even think about food shopping! The main reason for this sudden influx of meat is we will now be venturing into a vegetarian month and so we have back ups ready for when Meg starts to lose the will to live which I’m expecting as I’m not even sure how I’ve convinced her to try some vegan meals in the first place. Maybe me saying happy meals was misleading! She’s now expecting a toy each meal! Until then though, happy banqueting!


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