BBQ Recipes: Sides

Well that’s another birthday been and gone for another year and whilst we had a few kitchen bits planned, Meg and I met my sister for brunch instaed and we then decided to grab some chips at the speedway, meaning that the Aargan kitchen was firmly shut yesterday! That means that we will get back onto our BBQ series although we do have a wonderful burger lasagne waiting in the wings to share with you. For today though, we have a very simple pasta dish, an easy and delicious rice dish and a sneak peak into how we do our homemade bread.

With both our rice and pasta dishes we decided that whilst we wanted something that would be extremely tasty, we wanted to stick to our usual ethos of keeping our recipes as minimalistic as possible whilst keeping to a tight and strict budget and thus our pasta salad and curried rice was born. With our pasta salad we used only four ingredients and stuck to the very classic recipe whereas on the other end of the spectrum we were a little more adventurous with our curried rice which was bursting with flavour. Both recipes are perfect as BBQ sides and would also make brilliant dinners also perfect for when the weather is as hot as it has been the last few days. Again, we’re British, two hours sun and we’re having a freak heatwave! For our simple pasta salad, find the recipe here and for our curried rice the recipe is here.

Our of our Aargan specials that we make (well me, Meg) is a nice loaf of bread! So with this BBQ we did rise to the occasion as we knew our guests were in knead for our delicious bread. This time to round I did use a bit of whole meal flour to change it up a bit. Using 100g it gave the bread a darker colour and added a bit of flavour but it still had that beautiful soft fluffy texture. I do use the Jamie Oliver recipe to go by as my rule of thumb. It’s a great basic recipe for adaptation.

We have now concluded our BBQ series which would of stretched further if we had remembered to take pictures of our kebabs! If you, like us, have had all the family over for a big BBQ and have now discovered that you have some random burgers floating around in the back of the freezer then we have the perfect solution for you which we will be sharing with you at some point over the weekend. We can now announce that July is going to focus heavily on vegan food although I may need to spend the next week convincing Meg and we have some very exciting things up our sleeves for August and September also. Until then though, happy siding… I think?!?


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