Transforming Your Leftovers: Roast Dinner, Edition Two

It would be rude of us if we didn’t start by shouting out to all the dads, step-dads, father figures and mums who play the dad role as well (and other category that we may have missed!!) We have had a slight change of plan in regards to tonight’s post, we do have all the recipes and photos ready to go for our final BBQ post but today we have transformed the leftovers of a fantastic roast dinner into some fantastic meals and we couldn’t wait to share these with you. The last BBQ post will now have to wait until next weekend as our next blog post will be in celebration of someone’s birthday. That was of course me just wanting to get excited about my birthday. If, however, you haven’t picked up that it is my birthday then let me tell you it’s my birthday Wednesday! Meg is giving me that look so I’m going to get started!

It’s crazy to think that two people who love roast dinners as much as we do have gone so long without cooking one but thinking back our last one was Easter time, which was the first time we did a ‘Transforming Your Leftovers’ post. When we did the roast dinner at Easter, we used some of the leftovers to make a chicken casserole and chicken curry whilst we didn’t have enough leftovers to make another casserole or curry today, we have boiled the carcass to make stock which has been frozen ready to be the basis of a future meal. All you will need to do is to take the carcass of the chicken, bones and all and pop it in a pan full of water and leave reduce by about half. This then provides a tasty base for a casserole or curry or any meal that you would normally use stock for. Not only does this reduce food waste but also brings the cost down of future meals.

The main reason that we didn’t have many leftovers, other than the fact that Meg wasn’t cooking and she usually cooks for the 5000, is that we used all the chicken we had leftover and transformed it into an easy and tasty dinner: BBQ pulled chicken. Whilst I’d love to use our usual format of making a song and dance out of this in a separate post, it’s such a simple concept that I really can’t justify it. For this easy dinner idea, carve the chicken as you would and serve. Then with any leftovers, shred with two forks, place in a bowl, cover in BBQ sauce and some BBQ seasoning and chuck it in the fridge. We have just eaten the chicken in rolls with cheese and it provided the perfect summer dinner to enjoy whilst sat in the sun. If you want to be awkward… let me start that sentence again… if you prefer it hot as Meg did, then just pop it in a roll with some cheese in the oven for about ten minutes as Meg did, ensuring that the chicken is properly reheated… as Meg did. (I’m laughing and she is shaking her head).

I can now bring you our third roast dinner transformation live from the dog house (move over Riley): leftover beef stew which should be called: leftover beef stew although we didn’t have beef but used the leftover gravy as the basis of our beef stew, beef stew. Not sure if there was too many beef stews in that sentence but one more won’t hurt, beef stew. We will do a separate post for the beef stew as we would like to make a song and dance about our beef stew although the post will contain no song about beef stew nor will it contain some sort of weird beef stew dance. We decided to do beef stew to use up the last of the gravy and although we didn’t have any left over veg, this would be perfect to throw into the beef stew also. The gravy from our dinner was taken from the stock and onions that the chicken was cooked in so had all the flavours from the mixed herbs, garlic and pepper that used to season the chicken. Gravy granules were then used to beef it up (so glad we didn’t chicken out of that joke!) For the full recipe the link is here.

Three fantastic ideas from the leftovers of a fantastic roast dinner and I can say it’s fantastic as I’m currently typing and I was the one cooking. I’m sure Meg would agree though. I’m hoping to have some time away from the blog now for obvious birthday reasons although I’m sure that after my birthday I’ll have made it out of the dog house to join Meg in sharing our final BBQ post which will be coming right up after my birthday which is on Wednesday for all of you that did not know. I’m signing off now, so I’ll see you after my birthday which is on Wednesday. Until then though, happy transforming.

















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