BBQ Recipes: Mains

Whilst we’ve gone for that title in the interest of continuity, we have a title for this post that we much prefer; so today’s post is also known as: (drum roll please) BBQ Recipes: (standard!!) we forgot to take pictures of our chicken kebabs and our hoping our families won’t notice that there is no post for the kebabs so are going to focus on our hot or not hot chicken drumsticks that you can either have hot or not hot depending on whether you like your chicken drumsticks hot or not hot… ta da! We think that title is too long though so we’ll stick with BBQ mains and then crack on with our hot or not hot chicken drumstick BBQ main. Yeah. Shall we just get started!!

With the drumsticks we wanted to achieve two completely contrasting flavours and as you may have guessed went for hot and not hot! For the hot drumsticks we decided to make a chilli sauce and like so much of our cooking, I started throwing ingredients together and then Meg swooped in and rescued it. I personally get worried about cooking chicken on a barbecue so the drumsticks were precooked in the slow cooker before being reheated on the barbecue. If you prefer hot to not hot, find the recipe here!


The not hot half of the drumsticks were originally designed as a revamp as I was aiming for redemption of my fantastic Honey (and Garlic) I Shrunk The Chicken. I feel I redeemed myself with these drumsticks but as Meg and I have no proof of our kebabs, I can’t make a song and dance out of my drumsticks, which I’m sure Meg is gutted about! As with the chilli drumsticks, these drumsticks were cooked in the slow cooker to lock in flavour and ensure that none of our guests had to be mysteriously hidden in the shed after eating them. If you do however notice that my brother and his girlfriend are missing it’s because they’ve left the country. Not because of our cooking but for work. And they’re not in the shed. Honestly. Find our not hot drumsticks here!


We will touch on our kebabs quickly even though we have no proof! We created three separate marinades: barbecue, Chinese and fajita. The barbecue marinated was created by mixing oil and barbecue seasoning, the Chinese by mixing soy sauce and Chinese five spice and the fajita by mixing oil and fajita seasoning. We selected these flavour mainly due to having the spices already in the cupboard which reduced the cost enormously. We hope to bring you one more BBQ post this weekend, if we can find evidence of our tuna pasta, curried rice and homemade bread. I’m sure we will then have a bit of a birthday post thrown into the mix before busting out a couple of challenges. Until then though, happy drumsticking!!


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