BBQ Recipes: Salads

As you may have gathered by now we love playing host at the Aargan household so we were so excited to have our families over for a barbecue Sunday. Meg and I were especially excited to get the opportunity to cook for two of my brothers who are massive fans of the blog (slight inside joke there!) In true Aargan style, we managed to cook enough for a small army and will of course be sharing all of our recipes with you over the next couple of weeks but for now we’ll start with our three salads; two classics, one something slightly different but all so simple that they can be prepped in minutes.

Let’s start by asking if a barbecue is really a barbecue if you don’t have two of the classics: coleslaw and potato salad. Whilst both of these can easily be bought in supermarkets, we always find that you can get so much more flavour by making it yourself. We kept both recipes as simplistic as possible and as a result the two salads have ten ingredients combined. The only time consuming part of this prep is cooking the potatoes but we used that time to make the coleslaw. The link to our coleslaw can be found here and our potato salad here.


For our something slightly different we opted for a mozzarella, tomato and spinach salad, which, if we’re honest, had turned into a tomato and spinach salad by the end of the day. Turns out people like mozzarella just as much as we do! As with the classics, this salad is so easy to assemble and is a perfect summer salad, either as a quick lunch or dinner idea or as part of a fantastic BBQ feast. If you’re also a fan of mozzarella, then the recipe is waiting for you here.


Three super simple salads perfect when you’re sat soaking up the sun this summer. As said, we have so many recipes to share with you over the next couple of weeks including, chilli drumsticks, honey drumsticks, chinese skewers, fajita skewers, garlic mushrooms, homemade bread, tuna pasta, curried rice, the list goes on!! We have no idea on what order to bring these recipes to you so if you have any requests, comment below. I’m sure Meg is getting fed up of hearing about my birthday, I will just end by mentioning my birthday as it is so almost my birthday!! Until then though, happy salading!


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