Slow Cooker Recipes: Lunches

It’s been about a month since we bought the slow cooker and what a month it’s been. I’m actually struggling to think of a time this month when the slow cooker hasn’t been on for some reason or other. We’ve brought you breakfasts, desserts and dinners but we actually think we may have saved the best until last here with our slow cooker lunches and as our focus shifts towards BBQ season, what a way to wrap things up. We’ve got a vegan friendly recipe, we’ve got meatball subs and nachos, we’ve got BBQ pulled pork. What more could you want!! Before this post gets pulled (intentional pun) into the wrong direction with cheesy jokes that would involve asking what you call cheese that isn’t your cheese, let’s get started before I get subbed off (intentional pun).

Nacho cheese!!!

Before we get to the meat fest let’s start off vegan friendly; stuffed peppers. This slow cooker lunch is one that I did whilst Meg was away last week and it is my absolute favourite at the moment. It is so easy to prep and in it’s barest form only requires three ingredients and I’m hoping that you can guess what one of these are!! I usually pop this in the oven but found that cooking this in the slow cooker intensifies the flavour. If you’re after a simple but delicious lunch recipe then find the recipe here. If you are vegan or vegetarian then you may want to look away now.

*Checks that all non meat eaters have left the room*

Onto the meat fest, we have two of them and they are both epic. The first is a fantastic makeover of the classic sandwich and crisps. Let’s be honest, why would you settle for a sandwich and crisps when you can enjoy a meatball sub with marinara nachos. The only downside of this meal is that your kitchen will most likely smell like meatballs for a couple of hours and you will have to exercise a great deal of self control not to go head first, apple bobbing style straight into the slow cooker (please do not try this at home, slow cookers can get extremely hot and can cause injury if not operated correctly. Plus you may get the sauce allover your face and you’re going to want to use that sauce for the nachos). Find the recipe here and let the madness begin.

The second part of our epic meat fest is BBQ pulled pork. The pulled pork frantic phase has died down a bit now, but you still can’t resist this classic. It’s a great hearty dish that definitely satisfies the carnivore inside of you. With the pulled pork it can be served in many different ways, but we had it, very simply, in cheese topped rolls with a generous helping of coleslaw. Beware, this is very messy and it does not make you look attractive eating it. Aaron’s face was a picture when he turn to look at me and there is just sauce smothered all over of my face. Please note, do not eat this when 1. trying to impress someone 2. when you’re in the courting stage of a relationship or 3. in front of the in-laws. So if you want to get covered in sauce but be in BBQ heaven, check out the recipe here!

Well this brings us to the end of our slow cooker extravaganza month, we do hope you’ve all enjoyed sitting back and relaxing whilst cooking your meals. If you’ve missed any of the other slow cooker recipes, the check out our recipes page and all will be there waiting for you! The next month will bring you to what summer time is all about, BBQ’s!! Keep your eyes peeled and charcoal at the ready for the next blazing month. Until then, happy lunching!


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