Our Favourites Revamped: Edition One

Shall we start which the old monthly clichés? We can’t believe another month has passed, where has the month gone, can you believe it’s June already!! Without wanting to sound too cliché through, it’s crazy to think we started this journey two months ago now but we’ve loved every minute of it, all the dinner guests, the fantastic feasts and the beautiful (and not so beautiful) disasters. This week we decided to revisit three of our favourite recipes that we’ve shared with you and put a slight twist on them.

The first of these is my mozzarella and mustard gammon pie which Meg thoroughly enjoyed and then, being the genius she is, suggested that we turn the meal into pasties and it really worked. The pasties are equally tasty hot or cold and so can be enjoyed as part of a main meal or a quick grab and go lunch. Check out the recipe here.


The second of our revamps incorporates a couple of our favourite brunch recipes: our brunch baguette and our eggy bread sausage sandwich. We both loved these brunches so much that we explored a way of combing the two concepts to find the ultimate brunch baguette. If the sound of a bacon wrapped, eggy baguette sausage sandwich whets your appetite as much as it did ours then find the recipe here.


Our third and final revamp was of our chicken kebabs. The original of this recipe was incredibly simplistic and the revamp is also. It’s another one of our meals that you can throw together in minutes and as it’s a slow cooker meal, you can leave and come back to. Although this was done as a lunch, this would be the perfect centrepiece for dinner accompanied by chips. Check out the recipe here.


That’s all there is too it. Three delicious meals slightly revamped allowing for so much more versatility as if we don’t offer enough of that already. You could even combine these three recipes for a daily meal plan by having baguettes in the morning, pasties for lunch and kebabs for dinner; now there’s an idea!! Looking forward as we like to do; we will be sharing the last of our slow cooker posts with you this week: slow cooker lunches and we have some fantastic ideas to share with you. We will then be bringing you our monthly update on the food shop before we see where June takes us. Until then though, happy revamping!


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