Slow Cooker Recipes: Dinner

As Meg is away this week I have full control of the blog today and if you like under cooked potatoes or meat cooked in lemonade then you are in for a treat (please don’t stop reading now!!)  I do however feel compelled to start with a confession. I have had a couple of cooking disasters this week (which isn’t surprising based on the above list!!) We don’t have them often but they do happen and more often than not it’s when I’m cooking!! Thankfully one of these disasters only exists in the realms of Instagram, never to be spoken of again (and I’ve redeemed myself with chicken fajitas), however the other disaster actually still tasted alright and we did have a guest over at the time who I do believe is eagerly awaiting this blog post and as there is a witness I can not hide the evidence!! As I have done such a good job thus far with enticing you in, let’s get started.

I will start with the disaster that we can speak of which I have appropriately named ‘honey (and garlic) I shrunk the chicken’ and whilst the title is a mouthful, the meal barely was, unless of course you count the mouthful of under cooked potatoes and subsequent broken teeth. The meal consisted of two components: chicken breasts that shrunk enough that they could pass for sparrows breasts and potatoes that decided three hours in the slow cooker wasn’t enough to even go remotely soft. The reason that this meal, if you can call it that, deserves a blog post is that the chicken was so tasty. It was extremely moist and the honey and garlic sauce worked perfectly to compliment the small amount of meat it was marinading. I decided to re try baby potatoes in the slow cooker yesterday and as no one else was here to taste them, let me say that they worked out exceptionally well this time and were the best potatoes I have ever tasted, well second best behind our hasselback potatoes but just because I love hasselback potatoes and all mentions of hasselback potatoes. I have just realised that without Meg’s watchful eye I tend to waffle so I’m going to direct you to the recipe for my honey and garlic chicken and move onto our second slow cooker dinner, which is……….


(Drum roll)

Pork chops in lemonade (cue the flashing lights, glitter cannon, the crowd goes wild!!) (I initially wrote litter cannon, which sounds rubbish if you ask me, awaits laughter, sees tumbleweed, moves on). So pork chops in lemonade, sounds pretty random I know and if I’m honest our taste buds had no idea what was going on here although it worked really well. The lemonade provides an odd sort of satisfying tang which is complimented well by the honey which provides a soothing sweetness. If I’m honest, I just threw a load of different bits into a glass and hoped for the best and it worked. The pork was served on a bed of creamy mashed potato which was the perfect accompaniment. Find the recipe here and make your own mind up!


The third and final slow cooker dinner of the week was actually the most normal and actually the tastiest and no I’m not saying that just because I am the only one to have tasted it (well maybe a little). After the disaster that shall not be spoken of, even though I am still speaking of it, I had to throw together a meal this evening that I was not anticipating throwing together and so decided on chicken fajitas and as you may have guessed from the theme of the post, decided to do them in the slow cooker. Very simple to prepare and can be left to it’s own devices which is handy when you want to enjoy the sun. (I’m British and it’s sunny, of course I need at least one weather reference in here!!) Check out the recipe here.


I’m reading this post back in order to edit and wondering how I’ve ever been allowed into a kitchen or allowed to call myself a food blogger (I actually call us international food bloggers, (hello Canada!!)). I’d imagine that once Meg gets back I will suddenly be banned from the kitchen and the blog, although I’m sure I said this after cinnamongate. We will, however, be bringing you some recipe revamps this weekend. We have taken three of our favourite recipes and have given them a slight revamp and we are excited to reveal these to you. Next week we will be sharing some awesome slow cooker lunches with you, (I will be under Meg’s supervision by then) and just to look ahead a bit further we have decided that our theme for June will be BBQ foods. Until then though, happy dinnering.






3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Recipes: Dinner

  1. I’ve been getting into slow cooking as it is autumn here and perfect weather. 3 hours in a slow cooker isn’t long enough for potatoes and I’m not surprised they were underdone. I cut them up to a dice and cook them for at least 4 hours on high or 6 hours on low. I hope your persevere!


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