Slow Cooker Recipes: Desserts

Dessert is something we all love (and have a second stomach for) but making them from scratch can be time consuming. With a busy lifestyle that the majority of us have, a bit of good old baking is not easy to fit in. UNTIL NOW! The mix it all in one and bung it in the slow cooker method has been exploding in the Aargan household this week. With both of us working full time we’ve managed to pull some gems out of the hat! It’s been difficult to have constant cake coming from the kitchen this week but it’s the sacrifice we make for the sake of the blog and so we can share delicious recipes with you.

To start off we’ve got an unsung hero, apple and rhubarb cobbler. Usually, apple and rhubarb is great in a crumble, but we thought we would twist it up a bit. You also get to lick the bowl of cake mix too which is also a bonus. Of course this can be done with any fruits at all, like summer berries or even peaches but we thought we would bring it back to basics with the traditional. Check out the recipe here!


Onto the next one, which has only come about due to the fact we’ve got some awful coffee we need to get rid of. So what better way than to put it in a cake! This cake is great hot or cold. The icing which is poured on top adds to the moistness of the cake and makes it all gooey inside too. Imagine this dish on a cold winters night with a cup of hot chocolate with a Christmas film on and it is pure bliss (forget the fact that it’s almost summer, Meg is constantly in a winter wonderland in her head, she genuinely wishes it could be Christmas everyday). Here’s the recipe that will warm your heart and moisten your taste buds.


I’ll leave all the puns for the recipe page but the third and final dessert we produced is bread and butter pudding. A really simple recipe that can be thrown together in no time at all. I’ll leave the recipe to speak for itself but it’s bready and waiting. (I had to put at least one pun in!!) Check out the recipe here.


Three very delicious recipes that follow on from our slow cooker breakfasts and we can’t wait to share with you our slow cooker dinner and lunch ideas. We have also revamped some of our favourite recipes and we will be sharing these with you soon. It’s crazy that it’s almost June already and just to give you a sneak peek, we have some awesome BBQ recipes lined up. Meg is away this week so if you want to follow my attempt to fend for myself then head over to Instagram @aargansfantasticfeasts. Until then though, happy desserting!!



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