Slower Cooker Recipes: Breakfast

I would like to say that normality has been restored in the Aargan household but I’m not sure if it ever resided here in the first place!! We have, however, been on a joint adventure this week to experiment with the slow cooker and for the first of our slow cooker recipe experiments we have explored breakfasts. I will warn you in advance that the cinnamon has returned to the kitchen but when breakfast is involved I think that Meg will agree that it is perfectly acceptable! They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we have both loved having breakfast sitting waiting for us and it really set us up for the day. We have three completely different breakfast recipes so we’re sure there will be something for everyone.


Our first breakfast experiment was apple and cinnamon porridge for which we followed a recipe from (link here). This is an extremely simple recipe and for us it was a case of throwing all the ingredients into the slow cooker and leaving it for eight hours overnight on low. We were prepared for this meal and had bought frozen apple on our FarmFoods shops which we put in frozen and this turned out perfectly although we’re sure that fresh apple would work equally well.


Our second breakfast experiment was an Aargan original (even if not we’re claiming it!!) and was one of our best throw together inventions; breakfast hotpot. We wont’t give too much away here so you’ll have to head over the recipe page to find out more but we can guarantee that if you are a lover of a good cooked breakfast then you will not be disappointed! This is another overnight recipe so you get to enjoy the same experience that I did when I left Meg in bed to sneak down for a cheeky taste. I felt like a five year old at Christmas all over again. Oh how times change hey!! Back to the recipe, it can be described using one of our favourite words: versatile and on top of this it is completely open to your interpretation. For us, however, it was a case of using up a couple cupboard ingredients as well as chucking in a couple of the classics. To experience the Chrismtassy breakfast joy, find the recipe here!!


The final breakfast of the week was mozzarella and spinach fritatta. This recipe cooks in a couple of hours so is perfect or your days off when you can just chuck it all in the slow cooker and go back to bed for a couple of hours. To maximise the time you spend in bed, the mixture can even be made the night before meaning that you could even made this in your sleep (although this is not recommended!!). This fritatta was deliciously moist and as it consists of mainly egg and vegetables, it is relatively healthy (if you forget about the cheese but that’s a decision only you can make!!!). The fritatta was extremely filling meaning that we had some leftover that went in the fridge for this mornings breakfast. Without wanting to use the word versatile again this fritatta would also be a perfect recipe for a light lunch or a dinner recipe when paired with potatoes. Check out the recipe here!


Three breakfasts that are simple as 1,2,3. We have both thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with breakfast this week and these recipes will be ones that are revisited on a regular basis we’re sure. We are of course going to continue to experiment with the slow cooker and can’t wait to bring you lunch, dinner and dessert ideas. We are also looking forward to our homemade fish and chips next week and are excited to share this with you. Until then though, happy breaking of the fast.



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