Greek Inspired Theme Night

If I were to say that I would like to start this post a little differently then you would have no idea who the narrator is until I said that I am taking full credit of the meal I am creating whilst Meg is at work today and now you know. This is one of the little tricks that we have learnt whilst on this journey so we can talk in first person and still ensure that you know who is narrating. The other trick we have learnt is never to start a post until the meal has been tried and tested. Until now!!

Although that is technically not true because I have started editing a post before the recipe on one occasion with my brunch baguette which I knew was a tried and tested recipe that I could guarantee would be a success. Today, I edit a post in anticipation of a meal going horribly although I’m still determined that it will still be a delicious fantastic feast. I of course type this in anticipation that it it’s gone horribly wrong, I’ve been banished from the kitchen and banned from the blog but still think it’s worthy of sharing so read quickly before it disappears!

Our fantastic feast comprises of three courses of delicious (I hope) Mediterranean style food. For starters I opted for aubergine and mozzarella stacks. When I started putting the meal together I didn’t have a starter in mind but once the main was prepped I realised that there was aubergine left over and so this starter was born. I then decided to do halloumi skewers, mainly because Megan requested halloumi and if all else failed in this meal, at least she would have halloumi. (Yes I am writing it past tense now, yes it’s the morning after, yes we are both alive and yes the meal turned out well. This feels a bit like inception at the moment, or Dr Who, I feel like a time traveler) (I’m never getting left alone with the blog again!!).


For main course I chose moussaka which I had had once at some point and remember it tasting alright. In preparation for the main course I used an usual Aaron trick of reading a load of recipes, forgetting them all once in the kitchen and then making it up as I go along so I apologise if this moussaka doesn’t resemble a moussaka or if there isn’t supposed to be cinnamon in the cheese sauce!! (Megan’s face was a picture when I told her about the cinnamon although on reflection it seemed to work somehow as a subtle hint of sweetness.) Writing this the next morning, I am still unsure if what we ate last night resembled moussaka but it was delicious. As with the starters, we both said that it is a meal that we would revisit at some point and develop further but as a starting point it was delicious. For the recipe and the life changing decision of cinnamon or no cinnamon find the recipe here!!


I was determined to make dessert but as I stood in the kitchen with the smell of cinnamon wafting around I knew that I was best to leave the dessert to Megan to make. Again if all else fails at least we had a nice cake to enjoy!! We opted for a Greek honey cake and as we actually followed a recipe for once we will leave you with said recipe that can be found here.


Well this has been an adventure!! What started off with a simple idea turned into something almost terrifying but worked out somehow. As with all our recipes, take them and make them your own but most of all enjoy exploring new flavours (including cinnamon). We are now looking forward to having gammon which has been in the slow cooker overnight and we will bring that recipe in the week along with a couple of other gammon recipes. Our slow cooker experiment this week is breakfast so watch this space!! Until then though, happy Greeking!!


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