Greek Inspired Night: Slow Cooker Moussaka

Without wanting to come across like I have just won an Oscar, I am so grateful that I am writing this post and sharing this recipe with you and that Megan has not (yet) banned me from the kitchen or the blog! I was semi anticipating writing this recipe in a hurry before Meg noticed but the meal was a success, the moussaka was delicious and we are still alive to tell the tale of the time that cinnamon ended up in the cheese sauce. My defending statement was that I was going for a distinctive flavour and I personally believe I achieved that although I am still unsure of what a moussaka should taste or look like. Regardless of that, here is my interpretation.



  • 250g lamb mince
  • One tin chopped tomatoes
  • One carton passata
  • One handful of mushrooms
  • One onion
  • One pepper
  • Two aubergines
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • One tsp mixed herbs
  • Salt and pepper

For the cheese sauce:

  • 500ml milk
  • 25g butter
  • 25g plain flour
  • One handful grated cheese
  • One tsp cinnamon (OPTIONAL!!)


  1. Chop the garlic, onion, mushroom and pepper and fry together using oil or Frylite.
  2. Once cooked, add the mince and brown off.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes, passata and mixed herbs and use the salt and peppet to season. Allow to simmer.
  4. Make the cheese sauce using either my technique or Megan’s. My technique is to made a roux by adding flour to the melted butter in a pan and gradually adding the milk, whisking at all times. Once thickened add the cheese and cinnamon. Meg’s technique is to chuck all the ingredients in the saucepan and whisk like mad on a medium heat and it’ll thicken. No cinnamon in sight! (Meg wrote that!!)
  5. Once the mince and sauce is prepped layer up the moussaka. Either in the slow cooker or a oven dish place a layer of the mince followed by a layer of sliced aubergine followed by a layer of cheese sauce. Repeat.
  6. I cooked this for seven hours on low in the slow cooker and added mozzarella on top for the last hour.


If doing in the oven then cook for about an hour. We both enjoyed this dish (thankfully) and felt that the lamb had a really distinctive taste. For an unbiased opinion however I’m going to allow Megan to finish off this post!! Aaron has not stopped going on about this moussaka for about a whole month now, so it definitely had high expectations. Believe it or not I did quite like the cinnamon as the taste popped up every so often whilst eating the dish. I would like to get my hands on doing my own version of this recipe and tweaking a few bits (His vs Her challenge?). It was very scary letting Aaron alone in the kitchen by himself, but over all he did manage to pull it off!


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