The Monthly Food Shop: The Update

So here we are again, the first of the month, the monthly food shop! Would you believe its been a month since that last one meaning its Fantastic Feasts one month birthday! We should of made a cake really. (Mmmmmm cake!!) Anyway back to business. The shop is definitely a lot smaller this month as we brought for about a family of 8 last month, but it has served us very well! The link to last month’s shop can be found here if you want a quick catch up before we delve into this month’s shop.

We were totally amazed to discover that by being frugal with last month’s shop, we were able to, from the meat left in the freezer, make up roughly 13 meals for the two of us. That means that being smart last month we now have almost enough to get us through this month!! This therefore brought the cost of this shop down as we did our monthly menu plan using up the left over fish, gammon, pork and chicken. Of course within our menu plan we have got batchable and freezable recipes, so that our freezer is stocked up with home made ready meals. With the money that we saved from doing an under £70 shop, we had enough money within our budget to treat ourselves to a new kitchen gadget; A SLOW COOKER! You know you’re getting old and becoming an adult when you get excited over a slow cooker. (I would like to add that apparently you are getting old when you suggest a day on the Broads with the dog as Meg very kindly pointed out to me today, but that’s a different story all together!!) (Oh go join the bowls club)

Back to the slow cooker, it isn’t just any slow cooker. Oh no! We brought the 3.5L Morphy Richards sear and stew. With this you can use it on the hob to seal in all the moisture and flavours in joints of meat and also to fry off your veg before hand. We did both get very excited! This therefore means that the menu plan mainly consists of slow cooker recipes which we will of course be sharing with you and it isn’t just dinners but also lunches, breakfasts and even desserts. Exciting we know. We of course had a go using the slow cooker today and you can find the recipe to our slow cooker paella here; a true Aargan style throw together that was of course fantastic and very delicious!!

With this months shop it enabled us to stock up on the staples meaning that Aldi no longer have any spices or flour in stock as Meg pretty much brought the whole shop. But Aaron won’t be complaining when his dinner tastes nice! We are now all stocked up for some homemade bread which we will be sharing with you at some point (the recipe, not the bread!!) and we finally will have time this month to have a couples baking day which again we will be sharing with you (again the recipes, not the baking). As we touched upon earlier, it really amazed us that by being frugal for one month we have now got in a position where we were able to not worry about the food shop and instead focus on stocking up and getting a shiny piece of equipment for the kitchen. As much off a pain that it is to write a whole month’s worth of meals up, it has defiantly served (food pun) us well.

We would like to end this post with a thank you for enjoying this journey with us. We have loved the conversations we have had and all the lovely comments and we look forward to many more Fantastic Feasts to come. As always, feel free to find us on Instagram and please get in contact with any comments, questions or suggestions. Until next time though, happy shopping!!


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