A Very British American Themed Night

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Due to our very apparent love for hosting and cooking, we of course had someone over and decided to cook up a mini but fantastic feast. We decided to make some, healthier but no less tastier, homemade burgers with some American themed sides. We didn’t quite have the guts to call this an American themed night, as it is not big and bold enough to compare with American food! So instead this is a very British American Themed night.

This feast consists of three components all of which are, as you may have guessed by our other posts, very simple but very delicious! They are also versatile (our new favourite word) so can be adapted accordingly. The first component and probably the most important was the homemade burgers. These are so simple to do from scratch and as you are making them yourselves, you are in full control of what you are eating. This recipe is a get your hands dirty, messy one so would be great to get the children involved with also. In the past we have experimented with different ingredients and spices but for the sake of this recipe, we have kept it simple and will allow you to let your imagination run wild.


We thoroughly enjoyed the second component of this feast; cheesy chilli chips. Again, a very simple recipe to do from scratch and as with the burgers, by doing the chilli yourself, you are in control of the heat and the ingredients. The chilli can be made at any point and although we made chilli this time, it is one of the recipes that we usually have batched in the freezer meaning we have a portion for meals like this. The chips take roughly the same time as the burgers which means you can just launch then both in the oven and not have to worry giving you time to prep the third component; onion rings.


This is the slightly less healthy section of the meal and although a healthier alternative could be found, we stuck with the original because we do love onion rings! Again, surprisingly simple and if you end up with too many as we did, they are perfect to be popped into the freezer for next time. You could even do these in advance, freeze them and then they’ll be ready to pop into the oven meaning that you can throw this fantastic feast together in no time all.


There you go! A very British American theme night that is so simple to throw together and enjoy and also a great recipe for all the family to get involved with also. As we finish editing this post we are looking forward to having a payday treat as we are having Indian takeaway, which for the sake of this post we will call inspiration for possible future theme nights. We have decided that with this payday we are going to purchase a slow cooker so you can look forward to all our fantastic slow cooker feasts over the next month. We have lots of exciting recipes in the pipeline and next week we will also be sharing some of our hints and tips in regards to the monthly food shop. Until then though, happy burgering!! On second thoughts, that really doesn’t sound right!! Scrap that!! Until then though, go crazy, get creative and mostly, enjoy!!


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