Kebab Takeaway: Homemade Chips

As part of our food shopping we never buy frozen chips. Firstly because it’s so much cheaper to do from scratch (especially saying that we had 7.5kg at the start of the month to go through!) and secondly because they are so easy to do. We will always season our chips differently according to what they are accompanying so sometimes it will be as simple as salt and pepper can can be a spice such as paprika or Aaron’s secret ingredient: peri salt. The chips can be cut to your preference, either french fries style, chunky chips or wedges and you can opt to leave the skin on or peel away.

There are a number of ways of doing chips however the way we always stick to is to peel the potatoes, cut them into strips and then place then in a pan of hot water and allow to boil until they start to go soft. Be careful to not over boil them as they will go to mush and you will have to pretend that you did actually want to cook potato fritters and not chips!! Next, drain the potatoes and place in an oven tray. Add a drizzle of oil or Frylite over the chips and then season accordingly. We usually cook our chips for 40 minutes but check on them and give them a shake to ensure they are not sticking and not over cooking. If you wanted to simplify this further then peel, chop and pop straight in the oven with a drizzle of oil and once seasoned.

It’s that simple to do chips from scratch and your wallet and taste buds will thank you for it also!!



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