Homemade Kebab and Pizza Takeaway

As you have gathered by now we love having guests over and we also love to do themed food nights and so when we had guests over this week we decided to make kebabs and pizza. We have noticed recently that there has been a spike in the number of people cooking ‘fakeaways’ and we can now see why. Although nothing can really beat a good takeaway, this alternative will come in handy for when the pennies are tight or if you are not wanting to have that post takeaway guilt that leads to a feeling that you should do exercise and nobody truly wants that! As with all our homemade recipes, this is fully versatile also can can be tailor made just the way you like it!


First of all we did our very first try at a lamb kebab. I think we were both apprehensive about how this would turn out but we both really enjoyed it. The only thing we would need to do differently next time is to wrap it in tin foil in order to ensure that it keeps it’s shape and it’s easier to slice but we only discovered we were out of tin foil at the last minute and so thought we could cheat (we couldn’t!) In terms of taste however, we both really enjoyed it and will definitely be doing it again!! Find the recipe here.


We then decided to do a chicken kebab. This is such a simple recipe and can be thrown together in no time at all. It’s one, as you’ve probably guessed, that an be easily adapted to your taste, however we decided to do two different flavours chicken: chilli garlic (surprise, surprise) and also a barbecue. We then combined all the chicken ready to put in pitta but these could have easily been kept separate if we were cooking for a number of different tastes. You could for example do a spicy chicken for yourselves and a milder one for any children. All we would say is don’t chicken out on adding lots of flavour. Find the recipe here.


Our third component was the pizzas. We used the same recipe that we used for our mini pizzas, however we rolled out the dough to make two big pizzas instead of making individual ones. Once the dough is rolled out just chuck on all of your toppings and you are good to go; a perfect recipe for the all the family to get involved with.


The last thing that we made to complete this fantastic feast was chips and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like chips?!? These work in perfect harmony with the kebabs and pizzas and are a quick and simple recipe that will take no time at all, as well as being a much healthier and tastier alternative. Find the recipe here.


The best thing about this takeaway alternative as we’ve already touched on is the lack of post takeaway guilt and although we defiantly pigged out we did so safe in the knowledge that we had saved ourselves a few pennies and also a few calories also. Looking forward, we have some more fantastic feasts to bring to you including homemade burgers and an eggy bread sausage sandwich. Until then though, happy fakeawaying!!


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