Leftovers Chicken Casserole

One of the first things that I always used to do when I’d served up the chicken is throw away the carcass; that is until Megan showed me a little trick. If you stick the carcass into a pan of water and allow to boil it produces an amazing chicken stock and this was the basis of our casserole.

There is no simpler recipe than a good casserole and it did turn into a throw all in the pryex meal! We used some of the chicken that we had leftover and as we didn’t have any vegetables left, we used half a bag of the casserole vegetable mix we bought from FarmFoods. If you do have any vegetables either leftover or even lurking in the fridge this is the perfect opportunity to use them all up.

Lastly, we poured the leftover gravy we had (made from the meat juices) and also some of the chicken stock too; add the stock according to your prefered consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste and then give it a good stir before shoving it in the oven for 30 minutes on 180.

It really is that simple to transform your leftovers into delicious meals that can sit in the freezer until needed so if ever you are left with a bit of leftover meat, vegetables and gravy then why not see what you can transform it into.


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