Transforming Your Leftovers: Roast Dinner

Last weekend we had guests over for Sunday lunch and Megan’s idea of playing host is to make enough for the 5000 with enough leftover for them all to take a doggy bag away with them. As a result we had a lot of things left over and we were amazed that we managed to make seven meals out of the leftovers that are now waiting in the freezer; three portions of curry, two portions of casserole and two portions of gratin. I was astonished to read in the preparation for this post that 10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK a year of which 70% is household waste (for more information click here). We would like to show you how we transform our leftovers into fantastic feasts and delicious dishes.


I would like to start by sharing with you the recipe for the gratin I made. I was personally quite proud of this as Megan wasn’t so sure how this one would turn out and I’ll admit that even I was pleasantly surprised by it! It came about when I realised that we had cooked too many roast potatoes and had some cauliflower cheese left over also. I was taken back to a conversation I had had with a colleague a couple of weeks previous where he told me about this recipe of a classic dish that Mary Berry had adapted but to find out more you’re going to have to click here.

We bought a large chicken as there was four of us and there wasn’t much price difference between the large and the medium but boy we are glad we did. The amount of good meat we got from it was probably enough for ten dinners. I completely stripped the chicken to its carcass (of course retrieving the wish bone for myself and Aaron to pull) and the legs and wings were shredded too. From this amount of meat we managed to get 4 portions of chicken for lunch as well as 2 portions of a “chuck everything in a Pyrex casserole” (click here for the recipe) and 3 portions of homemade curry (click here to get the recipe to spice up your life). Of course these have been frozen ready for another day.


As it is Easter Sunday and I’m sure you’re all gearing up to do roast dinners, (whilst we’re at work!) we hope that this post will inspire you to transform any leftovers you may have. We are more than happy for you to contact us if you need any inspiration if you do have any leftovers that you are unsure how to transform; either comment below or find us on Instagram and we’ll try and work our magic. I hate to admit this but I do believe that Meg is slightly ahead on the ‘His vs Hers’ recipe challenge although I’m still hopeful that I can pull it back. If not then I guess I will have to learn to use ramekins!! Looking ahead to next week quickly, we have some exciting recipes lined up including homemade kebab and an American theme night that we can’t wait to share with you. But until then, Happy Easter and happy transforming.


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