His Vs Hers Recipe Challenge: Edition One

We would like to introduce to you a little challenge that we have cooked up: the ‘His vs Hers’ recipe challenge, as you may have probably guessed by the title! We have both cooked a meal using the same key ingredient and we are going to leave it up to you to decide which of the two meals looks the best. For today’s challenge, our key ingredient is cola. Meg has gone for her version of a slimming world recipe; chicken cooked in cola and I have gone for a One Pan Sticky Pork.

The main reason I love this sticky pork recipe is that it uses minimal ingredients and takes minimal prepping time so is an inexpensive meal but it is also quick and simple to put together. As it stands, we do not currently have a slow cooker but this would be a perfect slow cooker recipe (with some adaption). It is a one pan recipe and can be thrown together in five easy steps so if you like the sound of pork that falls apart in your mouth served in a sweet and sticky cola sauce then check out my recipe here!

The thing that I love about my recipe is that it has a totally different taste to Aaron’s. I feel like mine is a healthier option as well and even though you’re not able to taste them both (unless you cook both); of course mine is going to be better! Like Aaron’s it only uses one pan so minimal washing up which is something that we all love! This recipe is able to be done in the slow cooker too! Check out my recipe here and vote for team Meg!

Without wanting to sound too Dermot O’Leary here; the power is now in your hands! We will be monitoring both of the posts over the next week but would love to hear your comments either on the posts or on our Instagram page and we will bring you the winner next week. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any suggestions for challenges or ideas for ingredients for our next ‘His vs Hers’ recipe challenge. Until then, happy cooking!


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