The Monthly Food Shop

We ventured out today to do the monthly food shop! We had our £100 budget and managed to get all what we needed for less than £85. We were also frugal and used some vouchers that we had kicking about which did make a difference. We do find that buying things in bulk tends to be cheaper and if you budget for the month, things will last you the month.


The first shop we went to was FarmFoods. Neither of us had done a food shop here but thought we would give it a go and mainly buy our meat from here. We are also trialing frozen veg to see if there is a difference in taste, as there is a dramatic difference in price! Overall we spent £60 which included using our £5 off voucher. One of the highlights of this shop for me was seeing Megan’s face when she realised that we could get 7.5 kg of potatoes for £2.99 and a 5 kg bag of onions for about £1.50!! One thing we did find with FarmFoods is that they do packs of meat for a very cheap price and have really good deals on them too! With the way in which we meal plan and control our portions, we are going to be able to make many meals for a very small cost. An example of this being the mince we bought; we have batch cooked into five different portions of bolognese and we still have half the bag of mince to be used on meals that are on our menu. Baring in mind this bag of mince cost us £2.50 and we will be able to make about five meals out, you can already see how cost effective this is. Now the frozen veg, we’ve never really been a fan of buying this as apparently fresh is better. But from what we have used so far, neither of us have tasted a difference. Fresh veg is something you cannot buy at the beginning of the month and still have some at the end of the month, as it goes off. Therefore, the fact that we like the frozen veg works so well for us as we like to do one shop a month. So from now on we envisage buying frozen veg more often. We did still buy fresh onions but they worked out to be cheaper and we do love a bargain!

The final part of our shop took us to our favourite, Lidl! In here we got a little bit of fresh veg, mainly peppers and mushrooms (as there wasn’t mushroom in the freezer) (Meg is very proud of this joke!!). We also got bits and bobs like milk and butter and some spices, purely because FarmFoods didn’t stock them. We also had a £5 off voucher when you spent £30 so again, grabbing a bargain. We didn’t quite spend £30 so we put on a couple of bottles of alcohol ready for our cocktail night next weekend (blog to follow, of course!) If I’m completely honest, and I’m sure that Meg will agree, it was a bit of a hassle to have to go to two separate supermarkets to do our monthly shop, especially saying that we did go into a third to get bits for next weekend. As we have said previously though by doing this, it really did allow us to get so much more for our money.


If we can give you but one piece of advice to takeaway, it would be that saving money is a right pain in the bum but so rewarding also. It will and does take time to budget, meal plan, find vouchers, shop around and generally be prepared but we can guarantee that with a little bit of time and effort you can see a dramatic change in how much you will be spending and also how much you will be saving and therefore how much you will spare up money to put towards other things.

If you do have any requests for challenges, theme nights or any general questions, don’t hesitate to comment! Until next time!


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